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Editor's Notes #43, Oh my, commas with interjections!
July 31, 2007

Interjection is a big name
for a little word.


In this issue:

1. Commma Use #3

2. A Reader Recommends

3. Watch a Novel Grow

4. Countdown to the $20 Free Sample Edit

1. Comma Use #3
We continue to move through the uses of the comma. Today we'll look at the third in this series. If you are a new subscriber, you can view back issues using the link at the bottom of this message.

To understand this use of the comma, you need to know what an interjection is.

Basically, an interjection is a word that shows an emotional state and has no reference within the sentence. Interjections are words like oh, hey, alas, and hello.

For purposes of this use of the comma, we will include words other than those that show emotion. These would be someone's name when that someone is being spoken to, or words like yes and no, or sentence modifiers. Sentence modifiers modify the whole sentence. These would be words or phrases like, moveover, on the other hand, therefore, etc.

These interjections and their cousins are set off by commas.

Examples: Hey, don't leave out the salt!

Sandy, please pass the butter.

I want, moreover, to cut down on my cholesterol.

2.A Reader Recommends
Stacie wrote to share a site she enjoys. If you are interested in young people and their literary ideas, check out

3. Watch a Novel Grow
In my blog, I recommended that those who can should tune in to Sounds Like Canada on CBC Radio One at 10 a.m. to follow the development of a novel by children's writer, Kevin Sylvester. If you can't tune in, at least check out his Web site,

4. Countdown to the $20 Free Sample Edit
Back at the beginning of 2007, I announced that my free sample edit would cost $20. So many of you responded positively and with kindness that I decided to go ahead.

As predicted, making the change has taken months. And I'm not done yet. I've got the back end done. That means I have made arrangements to collect the fee, and I've written all the backup material, like the confirmation page and automated email responses. I still have to change my free sample edit page and link all the bits together to make the change live.

My projected date for the change is now August 15. I won't make it before August 15 in order to give people a chance to get in samples before then if they want to.

If you think you will ever want a free sample edit in the future, read back issue #38 for information about how to get on my list of "special friends."


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