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Editor's Notes #39, Editing Blog and Web Site Sale -- February 11, 2007
February 11, 2007

So... what is preventing you
from starting and building
a thriving online venture?

-- Ken Evoy

In this issue:

  1. Keep Up To Date With A Blog
  2. Web Site Valentines Sale


1.Keep Up To Date With A Blog

An e-mail newsletter is one way to stay up to date on a subject you care about. If you are reading this, you know about e-mail newsletters.

But there is a way you can be even more frequently updated. It's by subscribing to a blog.

A blog is a Web log.

Anyone can write one and millions of poeple do. Most blogs are personal journals posted for the world to read.

Others, like mine, keep interested people updated on a topic of interest.

I have been writing a blog on writing, editing, publishing issues. You can always visit it by going to and clicking on the button that says Editor's Blog.

Or you can go directly to In fact, some people choose to bookmark the page so they can find it easily.

Others go one step farther and subscribe to the blog. Those people are notified whenever I post something new. Depending on the service the person subscribes through, they could see the title or a bit of text from the beginning of the blog entry. Then they decide if they want to click into the blog to read the whole post.

There's a little orange box on the left side of the blog page with a link that explains how to sign up if this option appeals to you.

No e-mail messages filling up the in box.

Use it at your convenience.

I archive my blog entries so you can visit whenever you like and search for topics of interest.

2. Web Site Valentines Sale

Those of you who have been subscribed to this newsletter for some time know how strongly I feel about the need for writers to have a Web site. I go much farther. I believe writers can, and should, create Web businesses.

The best system for creating such a business is at

The company has recently created a 30 minute video explaining its system. I suggest you bookmark this page and visit it when you have time to give it your full attention. Click here to view the SBI TV video.

Don't wait too long. SBI is having a Valentines Day sale. If you and a friend both want a site, this is the time to buy.

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