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Editor's Notes #35, WAW!-- July 31, 2006
July 31, 2006

Writing a book is like rearing children
—willpower has very little to do with it.
If you have a little baby crying in the middle of the night,
and if you depend only on willpower to get you out of bed to feed the baby,
the baby will starve.
You do it out of love.

--Annie Dillard (1987)

In this issue:
  1. WAW! What a Week!
  2. Articles on Writing
  3. Home-Grown POD


1.WAW! What a Week!

A tired and enthusiastic group is now using the term WAW to recall the week in Chicago where 10 coaches guided about 70 participants to each start an Internet business in five days.

Thanks to those of you who gave me advice, I didn't embarrass myself with my wardrobe. We worked from 8:00 AM until after midnight so I didn't get to see much of Chicago.

We did escape to see the fireworks at Navy Pier one evening and I saw enough of Chicago to think that I would like to go again, especially as one of the coaches is a closet architect who made our trip through the city particularly intriguing. Next time I plan to eat on the grounds of the old stockyard.

I'm even more convinced than ever that solid Internet businesses are within reach of most people of average intelligence and drive with the right tools.

With the research software available to the participants, each one was able to find a potentially profitable topic to fit personal interest and knowledge.

One of the biggest bonuses for me was having an aha! moment on Navy Pier when I thought of a second profitable site for myself. I had to wait until I got home to do the research and choose a domain name.

Watch this space for progress reports.

If you could use some extra income in exchange for writing about a topic you are passionate about, contact me or visit


2. Articles on Writing

Writer's Helper Web site has a new section -- Articles on Writing.

This spot is something like the appendix of a book. It's for things related to writing that don't fit neatly into the basic structure of my site.

Check out the two articles posted there now.


3. Home-Grown POD

Print on Demand (POD) has revolutionized the self-publishing world. I've just learned how one Web master created his own POD technology so he could sell the contents of his Web site as a full color full-sized book.

He is currently discussing the potential of doing this for others who have Web sites that would sell well in hard copy. I have my eye on developments because I can see the process working for writers who want to control even more of the process than is currently possible.

Owning and using the technology would work particularly well for writers who have relatively small runs of multiple titles.

I'll keep you posted as I learn more.


P.S. If you have a topic you want me to cover in a future issue, hit the reply button and let me know.


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