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Your invitation to my secret Editor's Notes #104
August 15, 2011

Either write something worth reading,
or do something worth reading about

--Benjamin Franklin

In this issue:

1. Your invitation to my secret
2. Tickled my funnybone
3. Interesting Web site

1. Your invitation to my secret
In the last issue, I wrote about keeping secrets as a writer. This time, I'm sharing my secret and writing about getting the word out there.

I'm a slow adopter of new things as a rule, and this has been true of using social media. But I've been dragged by good friends into the world of Facebook. Although reluctant at first, and not quite sure how to use it to advantage instead of simply to tell everyone what I had for breakfast, I now see the potential for marrying Facebook (and other social media) with my other means of contact.

In the case of my editing life, I have begun a Facebook page dedicated to Writer's Helper. It's just a baby, but I can already see how having this additional means of communicating with others will meet needs that a Web site, a blog, and a newsletter won't. Or perhaps I should say that the Facebook page will supplement what my other venues of publication already do.

If you haven't yet created a Page (capitalized because it is a dedicated business page, not your personal page) for your writing project(s), consider doing so. You have to have a personal page first, but after that, it's pretty easy to create a Page.

Go to and choose Artist, Band, or Public Figure. Alternatively, you could choose Brand or Product.

Just follow the instructions and you will have a dedicated Page in no time.

You don't have to have a finished book in order to start this Page. You can build excitement around your book's completion through the Page itself. The advantage of the Page is that you can separate your business life from your personal life. Of course, to make it work well for you, from time to time, you will want to let your personal friends in on what's happening on your professional Page. Depending on your friends' settings, you can draw others to your professional Page through the connections your friends have on Facebook.

When twenty-five people have "liked" your professional page, you get to choose a name for your Facebook URL. For example, right now, mine is, which is an absurd thing to try to pass on to others. I'll lose the numbers when I get to 25 likes, but I'll have to think up a good name. Sadly, Writer's Helper is already taken.

Do drop in on my Page to see if it's something you would want to stay up to date on. If so, "like" it, and my posts there should show up on your Facebook newsfeed. Of you can simply bookmark it and check in on it from time to time. I'm able to post interesting things there much more often than I send out a newsletter.

I hope to see you there soon.

PS. I also have put the option for site visitors to "like" individual pages, so when you visit, feel free to comment or to click the like button you'll find at the bottom of each page.


2.Tickled my funnybone
If a pig lost its voice would it be disgruntled?


3. Interesting Web site
Here's a Web site for those who write short stories, and those who live to listen to stories.


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