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Writer as prophet or for profit: Editor's Notes #295
September 04, 2019

Learn the lesson that, if you are to do the work of a prophet,
what you want is not a sceptre, but a hoe.
The prophet does not rise to reign, but to root out the weeds.

—Saint Bernard

In this issue:

1. Writer: Prophet or for profit
2. Tickled my funny bone
3. Interesting Web site
4. Writing prompt

1. Writer: Prophet or for profit
A prophet has an important message. The message is urgent within the prophet even when the prophet, like Jonah, tries to run away from it.

Many writers write as prophets. They have a burning message that must be shared. They write even when they know that few, if any, are gasping for their words.

Prophets are not only frequently ignored. The history of prophets is awash with martyrdom. Even those who live to old age are not always honoured for their insights.

Nevertheless, they write. For them, success is measured by how true they have been to the burning message within.

Some writers focus on profit, the benefit, the financial gain after all the costs are factored in. These writers write what will sell.

Those who write for profit do market research. They find out what is missing in the world of words and write to fill that void.

These writers study topics they know little or nothing about in order to write about them because they know people are willing to pay for specific knowledge or genres.

They are successful when they find readers willing to pay for their words.

Know that both are legitimately called writers. Both have ups and downs, joys and sorrows as they wrestle with words. Both need to hone their craft to become the best communicators they can be.

And whichever type of writer you are, make as much room as you can for the qualities of the other type of writer in your life. Sometimes a prophet can learn to make a message more palatable without compromising the message itself. Sometimes a writer who writes for profit can find a market that matches his or her own deeply held views.

Whichever type of writer you are, be proud as you push forward to make your words ring clearer and more true.


2.Tickled my funny bone
Money talks, but all mine ever says is good-bye.


3. Interesting Web site
Here’s an article that may encourage you as a writer.

4. Writing prompt
Prophet and profit are homophones, words that look different, but sound the same. Here are some other homophones. Choose one or two pairs. Think about what the words mean, and then write something about them. I’d love to see your result.

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