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How to identify your writer's brand: Editor's Notes #175
November 30, 2014

Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.

--Margaret Mead

In this issue:

1. How to differentiate your brand
2. Tickled my funnybone
3. Interesting Web site

1. How to differentiate your brand
Your writing brand lets others know how you stand out from the crowd. And if you want to sell your work, you need to stand out.

Once you have identified your sub-genre, delve deeper into what makes your writing better than that of others. Publishers and readers have limited time and money. They want the best. So, don't be shy. Sharpen your pencil and start making a list.

Here are some aspects of your writing to consider. (There are many more, so please include anything about your writing that makes it unique.):
  • focus
  • style
  • utility
  • personal insight
  • life experience

I recommend that you take at least a few days to take this step, coming back to your list to add to it after having additional time to reflect.

What are the most defining features of your writing? Keep the number of items to two or three at the most.

Write a phrase or sentence that defines you as a stand-out writer in your genre. Here is mine:
Audrey Owen's writing makes complex ideas simple enough for young children while respecting the intelligence of adult readers.

Watch for future issues for tips on using your writing brand.


2.Tickled my funnybone
Cop assigned to guard Prime Minsiter charged with drug dealing


3. Interesting Web site
If you are stuck for good reading, you might find The Greatest Books list interesting.

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