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Facebook author's story #1: Editor's Notes #167
June 15, 2014

Be anything you want to be, but don't be dull.
--Frank Robinson

In this issue:

1. Facebook author story #1
2. Tickled my funnybone
3. Interesting Web site

1. Facebook author story #1
When I began trying to figure out how Facebook works, I found a friendly fellow-editor who had kind and thoughtful things to say. (More about her in another issue.) She has many Facebook friends in the publishing business. One of these friends caught my eye.

Almost every day, I found something interesting, funny, or insightful from a writer of period romance fiction. After a month or two of seeing her posts show up because she was friends with others, I took a chance and asked to be her friend, too. Graciously, she accepted.

I say graciously because she has a huge following on Facebook, and I don't imagine for a minute that she gets as much from my presence on Facebook as I get from hers.

Here's what I've noticed about Jessica Trapp's Facebook life:
  • I see a post from her almost every day.
  • Her posts are usually original. (Many people simply pass on what they've found of interest. Jessica goes the extra mile to add to the conversation.)
  • Many posts include photos. These really draw the eye on Facebook.
  • Jessica often posts a sentence stem for her friends to add to. Many people engage in this way.
  • From time to time, but not too often, Jessica involves her Facebook friends in her writing. For example, I recall one really active post some time ago in which she asked her Facebook friends to help her name a litter of puppies in one of her stories. She also lets people know how her writing is going. Again, not too much, but enough for potential readers to know she's still writing.
  • Jessica has chosen to put both her personal life and her writing life on the same Facebook page. Not all writers will choose to do this, and it does take some care to keep a good balance.

When I decided to write this series, I contacted Jessica for a comment and permission to spread the link to her Facebook page through cyberspace. (See below.) Here is her take on how she uses Facebook to market her writing:

My philosophy on marketing books on Facebook is pretty simple:

Be nice. Be entertaining. Make connections with people. I love how interconnected we all are these days. Every morning is a new opportunity to reach out to someone, create a relationship, and give people a reason to read my work. It’s also a chance for me to look like a fool, but I only do that on Tuesdays.


2.Tickled my funnybone
PMS jokes aren't funny. Period.


3. Interesting Web site
Please, please, please visit Jessica Trapp's Facebook page and read some of her posts. Maybe you will get some idea of how you could use Facebook to market your own writing.

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