Writers Wishes

The wishes below are those submitted by the form on the Gifts for Writers page.

Feel free to add your own wishes to the list.

If you've been sent here by a particular writer, just scroll down to find the name, read the list, and choose which gift you want to give.

Ann's Wish

My wish changes as we draw near to the 25th. Right this instant it for some Christmas cake!!

Sharon's Wish

To have my gas back on for Christmas so my two children can be warm.

Susan's Wish

I want a great blank book. If you can find one with a horse-theme cover, that would be great. Otherwise, the first one on this site would be nice.

Sandy's Wish

  1. Quiet time in the morning. Could we leave the radio off until 8, please?
  2. A weekend at Lowe's. I'll take you with me.

Dave's Wish

My own computer.

Anne W.'s wish

oodles of prosperity for the whole world

Isabella's wish

help with learning illustration software

i like the combination of word and image, and i *would* like to play with that on the computer, especially for the book i'm hoping to publish next year. however, my skills with software such as corel draw or photoshop are minimal. i'd love it if someone would sit down with me for two or three evenings and show me the ropes ...

Albert Kachi Allison's wish

I am an aspiring writer wishing,hoping to pursue a career in writing and as an african, this is difficult but I will be happy if anyone can asist me with a scholarship to study creative writing,a computer-even if it is used one and a printer too.Hope someone will grant my wish.Thanks and God bless you all.Amen.

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