Client Testimonials

I value my clients' privacy, so I deeply appreciate these testimonials.

Sometimes I'm the first person a writer sends her work to.

Other times I'm the last stop before a book goes to the printer or a Web page goes live. Either way, I work for the writer. I give individual editing services according to what each writer needs.

A client's thanks is gratifying.

People like you who are considering my editing services want to know what previous clients have to say about me. Although some writers don't mind if others contact them and ask about my work, not everyone wants to speak with strangers about something as personal as their writing.

The testimonials below are only a representative sample of the feedback that makes my job so worthwhile.

Confidentiality is important to me. Each writer quoted gave permission to have his or her testimonial printed here.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you... It's like having a chiropractic manipulation of my thoughts. Everything is lined up and it doesn't hurt anymore. "

Stephan Hay

"Thank you very much for your great work.

"Before I met you I was looking for a fast and trustworthy 'proofreader' up and down the Internet.Thank God finally I've found you.

"You are not only a proofreader. You are much more.You do copy-editing and educational editing.Your educational edit is, practically speaking, a 'writer's course.'

"You really teach how to write. Your domain name, 'writershelper,' covers your services 100%!You OVERdeliver in all of your services.

"Hoping for a long-term, friendly relationship,
Best regards"

Ivan Varallyay

"With utmost confidence, I recommend the services of Audrey Owen. I find Audrey to be one of our most respected editors. Her services are not only offered with much enthusiasm, but are also extremely professional, and Audrey always completes her assignments ahead of schedule. She has set a precedent for what I expect from my other outsourced editors!

"Audrey goes beyond my expectations by also providing constructive commentary on the merits of the author's work. In addition, her quick turn-around time and thorough and infallible editing leave her authors stunned and extremely pleased with their investment. Personally, I look forward to and benefit every month from her Writer's Helper newsletters, and depending on the content, pass them on to respective authors. With their fresh content, tempting exercises, and encouraging words, they take her services to a higher level."

Stella French
Editorial Manager

"Hello Audrey

"You have ignited a flame of writers enthusiasm in me with your kind words.Thank you, this will have an everlasting value. May your honesty and advice return to you many times over again."

Martin Oosthuizen
Jireh Tours

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your work and our relationship.

"This morning I decided to read the contents on my webpage and I was so pleased with your work. I had a real problem with the cost of your services but now I feel your charges are priceless.

"Keep up the good work and I can't wait to send you my next document. "
Surrinder Ahitan

If these testimonials give you confidence in my editing services, return to the home page to see what I can do for you.

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