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Submission guidelines are not something self-publishing authors usually have to deal with. Those who write for traditional publishers are always checking out submission guidelines. They are the rules for making sure your work gets considered. When I post things to my web site, I am a publisher. Just like any other publisher I have standards for what I will take.

Self-publishing authors are part of the community of writers. The community is strengthened as its members support and share with each other.This web site seeks to improve the standard of self-published writing. You can join in that task....

Do you have a story about editing?

Here are the submission guidelines for this web site: Other self-publishing authors are interested in your experience.

  • Maybe an editor helped you solve a problem.
  • Maybe you published without an editor.
  • Do you have a solution to a writing problem?
Your insight can help someone else.Share your story or writing tips.Submit your article by filling in the form below or by snail mail.

Please use plain text to submit on-line. You can SAVE AS "Text only with line breaks."

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
I declare that this is my original work and that I have the right to submit it for publication.

Please enter the word that you see below.


By regular mail,enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

Writer's Helper
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If your article is accepted, you will receive a $35.00 discount on any contracted editing services with Writer's Helper.

And here's an extra tip:

Check out the submission guidelines of magazines related to the topic of your book. You just might have another place to sell your knowledge.

One of the editing services I offer is helping you meet the submission guidelines of any magazines you choose to write for. Check out the home page for other services.

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