What is copywritng?

Copywriting is not really an editing service.
If you have landed on this page expecting to learn how to have your work copyrighted, click here. And if you want your work corrected, you want to go to the page about copy editors.

But if you want to know about copywriting, read on.

Copywriters use words to create publicity. They may write copy for the blurb of your book, contents for a brochure about your book or the workshops you present, press releases, or Web site content. What they write does not define them as much as the intended result of what they write. They intend to sell.

A good copywriter knows markets, is a master with words, and is highly creative.

I was thrilled when I discovered a resource by a 30-year veteran of the copywriter wars. If you want to write your own copy with a guide at the side, download your own copy of Word Power -- The Copywriter's Thesaurus. You can even choose British or American English.

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Copywriting will sell your book. For editing services to make your book worth selling, check out the home page.

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