My Copywriting Editing Service

When you have something to sell, you consider a copywriting editing service.

A good copywriter is like a good poet. Both writers make every word count, and both produce an emotional response in the reader.

And an emotional response is what you need when you are selling.

Decisions, including decisions to buy, are made on an emotional basis and are justified on a rational basis. A good copywriter covers both bases.

Good sales copy makes maximum use of each word on the page. Nothing is left to chance. The meaning, the sound, the rhythm, all work together to produce a powerful piece of writing.

Like other copywriters, I write ad copy to sell things. I can write a blurb for a book, a brochure to sell your real estate services, or an informational article to effect change in the behavior of a target group.

I also bring a unique understanding of ecommerce. I have worked with many Webmasters to improve the effectiveness of their Web sites.

Do You Need A Top Notch
Copywriting Editing Service?

You need a copywriter you are in one of the following situations...
  • You have a product, like a book, to sell.
  • You have a service to sell.
  • You have an idea to sell
If you engage me as a copywriter, you WILL be involved.

Your engaging sales copy will be the result of
  • My expertise with language and
  • Your knowledge of what you offer and those you target.
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