Book Review
The Laughing Lavendar Field

Jarmuth, Troye (2004) The Laughing Lavendar Field: A Picture-Coloring Book. (Illustrator: Elaine Diedrich) (Editors: Rachel Bard, Michele Delli Gatti, and Audrey Owen ) ISBN: 0-9765731-0-5(24 pages) softcover US$5.00.

When sobbing baby lavender plants disturb the cat and the moles, the animals make a plan to put the babies back with their families.

Beguiling black and white illustrations support the gentle story, which contains more text than one would expect in a coloring book.

Although this is called a coloring book, the quality of the paper and the shading of the illustrations make it enjoyable simply as a read-aloud for young children.

As an added bonus, the last page includes information on three types of lavender, appropriate as the proceeds from the sales will go to and

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