Menus For A Month
Book Review

Menus for a Month.Revised edition. (Editor: Audrey Owen)Gibsons: Lee Haffner ISBN: 0-9689340-0-5 (138 pages) softcover. CAN. $12.95

Lee is the neighbor everyone wants: down-to earth, kind, and friendly. . .

. . .and she's sharing what she's learned about menu planning over the years.

Lee's cookbook includes

  • suggestions to make meal planning easier,
  • time-saving tips,
  • nutritional information,
  • information for those considering becoming vegetarians,
  • and of course recipes.
She has diagrams that compare food guides from many countries so anyone can adapt her menus to ensure a balanced diet.

For those who want to know more about nutrition, Lee has included both print and web resources.

The unique feature of her book is the section of suggested menus for four weeks along with their shopping lists.

A cookbook is a particular type of how-to book. Learn how to write good instructions.
Lee has also published a story about her experiences creating this book.