A Magical Christmas For Jo-Jo The Hobo Mouse
Book Review

O'Neill, John (2002)A Magical Christmas for Jo-Jo the Hobo Mouse(Illustrator: Colorado Bill Crowley) Victoria: Trafford Publishing. ISBN: 1-55395-296-0 (24 pages) softcover. CAN $15.52 US $9.95.

When Clement C. Moore wrote Twas the Night Before Christmas in 1862, he didn't know about Jo-Jo the Hobo Mouse who was definitely stirring.

John O'Neill sets the record straight with his own Christmas poem, the first in an intended series. Evidently Jo-Jo has traveled extensively and John O'Neill knows of many other adventures.

Writing rhyme for children is particularly difficult. Most of the time Mr. O'Neill keeps the rhythm going.

The illustrations add a whimsical tone to the story.

A Grade 2 student could read this book independently.

A portion of the proceeds go to the Children's Literacy Initiative.

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