A Writer's Web Site
The $100 Sale

It's no secret that I believe that every writer needs a Web site. Increasingly, others agree with me.

But I don't think you need just any Web site.

You need a Web site that will make you money.

I will always be grateful that at a writers' workshop in 2003, I learned how important it is to get traffic to a site. Getting traffic is not only crucial, it eludes most Web site owners. It particularly eludes the writers whose sites I learn about in shy little signature files in forums for other writers.

What those writers need is to get their message out to those who will pay for their services,

I learned from the beginning about the system that allowed me to create a Web site that you found, even though you've never met me.

Not only did you find my site, you found your way to this page and you are reading what I have to say about writers' Web sites.

You, Too, Can Have A Web Site With Real Traffic

At the bottom of this page, I'll give you a link to the Web host that goes way beyond hosting to helping clients create real businesses that make money...

But first, let me tell you that if you are ready to build a Web site, you're in luck.

From now until September 6, you can buy one site at the regular price and get a second one for $100.

Now, I don't at all think that you should buy two for yourself. Although many people have more than one site and make good money from multiple sites, there is a learning curve to making a solid income from the Internet and one site is all most people can manage at one time.

But I bet you know someone else who needs
  • a second income
  • advertising for an exisiting business
  • an outlet for writing about a personal passion
My focus is on writers because writers are the people I know best.

Besides, the Web is a world of words and I think it's time writers took over the Web.

But of course people who are not writers do put up sites, many of them successful sites.

A Good Web Site Earns Money For Its Owner

When I began to think about a Web site, I thought only in terms of cost. I had no idea that a Web site...

...a good Web site, is a business on its own.

It will make money beyond simply advertising your writing.

Imagine how different life would be if an add in the Yellow pages or your local newspaper brought in revenue. You just paid for the ad and cheques landed in your mail box.

A Web site that provides information people want has potential for earning money.

Mine does.

I get editing clients through my site, but I also make money in other ways, ways I call passive income. Money that comes to me while I sleep, swim, eat dinner, or go on holiday.

The money I pay for hosting my site comes back to me many times over.

With the right tools and a little motivation, you could have a Web site like that, too.

I promised you a link to the best help you'll ever get for building a business on the Web. Here it is. Happy writing!